Science Slam

German Science Slam Champion 2012

09. November 2012: Incredible: I am the German Science Slam champion 2012.

It was an amazing final, an impressive audience and the most professional organized Science Slam I’ve ever attended. Thanks to the other finalists – all of them outstanding performers and excellent entertainers. It was definitely the most competitive Slam I’ve ever been and probably the hardest of all my victories. You can watch the whole event on demand in the ARD-Mediathek (my performance starts at 1:53:50).

Thanks to all the people who organized this Science Slam final and of course thanks to all my supporters who voted for me. Hopefully, I could convince you that neuroscientific research is awesome.




Science Slam – that’s a presentation contest of young researchers giving a scientific talk in front of a non-scientific audience.

Rules are easy: Every scientist presents his or her research project in a given time (usually 10 min). The best performer is chosen afterwards by the audience. What sounds boring turns out to be exactly the opposite: Unleashed from usual rules of scientific presentation science slammers give extraordinary funny but still informative talks. In the end it’s all about rocking the stage with scientific content.

Science Slams define a new kind of edutainmnet whereof everybody benefits: Scientists reach a new (because non-expert) audience and interested people get to know latest research results.

Science Slams are featured in many cities throughout Germany. For more information visit or or



I’ve been participating in Science Slams since June, 2011. I’m touring through Germany and have been successful at the following events:

To get quite a good impression of my performances watch my youtube videos. I highly recommend my performance in Hannover (unfortunately only in German with English subtitles but I’m currently working on an English version):